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Water Damage

Water damage has so many sources that it is impossible to see them all. Common sources include rising water tables from heavy rains, washing machines, dishwashers, backed-up sewers, faulty sprinkler systems, frozen pipes, leaking roofs. Each situation is unique and demands a different approach. Obviously a room full of raw sewage can not be cleaned in the same manner as an overflowed bath full of clean drinking water.   Master's Touch approach will assist you in restoring your property to pre-loss condition, in both materials and workmanship Flood & water damage restoration service requires several stages: ● We develop an accurate Project Cost Estimate ● We determine a realistic completion schedule ● We commence work immediately upon authorization ● We extract and or pump out water ● We remove damaged carpets, other floor coverings, skirting boards, plinths, damaged ceilings etc (if authorized to do so) ● We remove silt and other solid matter ● We decontaminate and sanitize all affected surfaces using professional products ● We check and monitor moisture levels in floors, sub floors, walls, ceilings ● We install drying equipment and monitor its effect