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If you need carpet repair San Jose services this is the company where your carpet problems get solved. Before you choose to replace your carpet got trough the list of our carpet repair services for the problem you have. Prolong the lifetime of your carpet and free thousands by repairing it. Carpet Stretching                             Carpet Transitions Burn holes                                        Padding Installation  Seam Repair                                     Flood Restoration Candle Wax                                       Carpet Patching Berber snags                                     Squeaky floors Bleach Marks  

Carpet repair San Jose

Important for Carpet Patching If you require carpet patch, we will ask you to provide additional carpet. If you don't possess a leftover piece laying around in your garage we can always apply  some  carpet from a concealed angle in your closet. Without additional carpet we can not do the repair.  
water from plant damaged the carpet

water from plant damaged the carpet

Trying to discover literally the identical carpet you own, is nearly impossible and if you do find it, it will be very time consuming, that is why we leave this job to you. Water from plant damaged the carpet - After Carpet Stretching San Jose   The easiest way to stretch your carpet is to have all the furniture completely removed. Think of it as if you want to install new carpet. This will make our carpet re-installation  job a lot easier and faster.  At one of our recent carpet stretching jobs not all the furniture could be removed and we had to shift them around  the room. Luckily the room was large enough to allow us to do that.

Carpet stretching with furniture in the room

Once half of the room was completed the furniture were moved on the stretched carpet and we could finish the complete stretch. We understand that not all the time the furniture can moved out of room and this cases we will ask you to get them as light as possible. Empty all the drawers and remove personal items. Doing that, makes our job a lot easier and we can concentrates our efforts in the actual carpet repair and not in moving the furniture and trying to find and a way to work around big and heavy obstacles.   Bleach Spots (color repair) Re dyeing carpet due to color loss from bleach Bleach spot color repair can be challenging if the bleach or chemical used on the carpet was too strong and it was actually able to damage the carpet fibers.You can test it by pulling one of the carpet yarns. If the carpet yarn is not strong enough, you'll be able to pull it off the carpet easily. In this case color repair wont be the best approach to repair the carpet. The picture shows mild discoloration that can be easily fixed by adding the missing colors. Bleach carpet spot repair - after Successful color repair will match the color of the carpet and bleached area to the point where it wont be obvious. The results may vary depending on the carpet and level of discoloration and the size of the area to be repaired.

LIFETIME Workmanship Warranty

When you need carpet repair San Jose and surrounding cities we are the company that solves your carpet problems. We  are  confident  in our workmanship and we are proud to give a life time guarantee  to every repair job we perform in your residence. Our guarantee is for our labour and does not include normal wear and tear. If we do a patch, the carpet will wear out before our patch fails. For  more carpet repair San Jose, pictures  please visit our Gallery Page 1214 Burkette Dr, San Jose CA 95129