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Carpet Repair Pleasanton and Surrounding Cities Dublin, Livermore, San Ramon

We do everything from small burn holes to major carpet repairs. Check the list of our carpet repair services to find the one you need. Carpet Stretching                         Carpet Transitions Burn holes                                        Padding Installation  Seam Repair                                     Flood Restoration Candle Wax                                       Carpet Patching Berber snags                                    Squeaky floors Bleach Marks

Carpet repair Pleasanton the cable guy was in a hurry


Carpet repair Pleasanton

After the cable guy drilled holes trough  carpet and the sub-floor. With  berber carpet you have to be careful just because once you catch a string from the carpet you can pull the entire row. Luckily in this case the missing row was only few inches.         Removing the damaged carpet and preparing the cables for carpet patching. Since the gap between the carpet tackstrip and the baseboard is needed for the carpet, we need make sure there will  be enough space for the cable too.           With the cable properly placed we are ready install our patch.        

Carpet Stretching Pleasanton

Loose carpet can  be a tripping hazard

Notice the 2-3 inch extra carpet we were able to stretch

Carpet stretched and trimmed is ready for cleaning

  After a proper carpet installation the carpet have  no reason to become loose. Blaming the carpet cleaner or time for loose carpet is just simply not true. We are confident our repairs and for that we give a life time guarantee on all the repairs we perform.

LIFETIME Workmanship Warranty

We  are  confident  in our workmanship and we are proud give a life time guarantee  to every repair job we perform in your residence. Our guarantee is for our labour and does not include normal wear and tear. If we do a patch, the carpet will wear out before our patch fails. For commercial projects our warranty is 9 months For more pictures please visit our Gallery Page