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Carpet Repair Fremont

Replacing carpet is an expensive. Before you go and take out a home-improvement loan or scour the yellow pages for contractors, contact us. Master’s Touch carpet repair Fremont offers carpet repair and can extend the life of your carpet with simple, inexpensive repairs. Most contractors leave scrap carpet when they are finished with the carpet work. If you do not have any remnant pieces, a small piece cut from an inconspicuous corner of a rarely-used closet will do the trick. Realize; we cannot do carpet repair without remnant carpet. Matching exact carpet is very difficult. If you do not know where the contractor ordered the carpet, this detective work can be time-consuming and a real headache. If you need carpet repair services  this is the place where you carpet problems get solved. Before you decide to replace your carpet  check the list of our carpet repair Fremont services for the problem you have. Extend the life of your carpet and save thousands by repairing it.
  • Carpet Stretching
  • Burn holes
  • Seam Repair
  • Candle Wax
  • Berber snags
  • Bleach Marks
  • Squeaky floors
  • Carpet Patching
  • Flood Restoration
  • Padding Installation
  • Carpet Transitions

Carpet Repair Fremont and surrounding cities

Important for Carpet Patching If you need carpet patch, we will ask you to provide extra carpet. If you don't have a remnant piece laying around in your garage we can always use  some  carpet from a hidden corner in your closet. Without extra carpet we can not do the patch. Trying to find exactly the same carpet you have, is nearly impossible and if you do find it, will be very time consuming, that is why we leave this task to you. Color repair(Bleach spots) In order to fix bleach spots the carpet fibers need to be intact. In a lots of cases when bleach is spilled on the carpet and left for long time, the carpet fibers are being dissolved, and loosen from the backing of the carpet by the bleach. You can easily test that if you try to pull one of the bleached carpet yarns. If  it's coming off the carpet easy, color repair wont be the correct approach to fix the problem. The only one solution left would be to patch the damaged area. Carpet Stretching 99% of time why you have loose carpet, is because your carpet was never stretched when it was installed. Blaming the carpet cleaner or the time for your loose carpet is just not true.  The installers simply cut the carpet around the perimeter of the room and by using a knee kicker they tuck the carpet in. This saves a lots of time comparing to the right way of laying carpet. The proper way of stretching carpet is by using a power stretcher. In order to re-stretch(re-install) your carpet all the furniture need to be moved off the carpet. This will give us the ability to stretch the carpet in all four directions. If the carpet is stretched properly the carpet should never get loose again, and  every installer should have life time warranty on his work.  

LIFETIME Workmanship Warranty

We  are  confident  in our workmanship and we are proud give a life time guarantee  to every repair job we perform in your residence. Our guarantee is for our labour and does not include normal wear and tear. If we do a patch, the carpet will wear out before our patch fails. For commercial projects our warranty is 9 months For more pictures please visit our Gallery Page