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Area Rugs

Rug cleaning can be very challenging because there is so many variables and manufacturers are continually creating new types of rugs that have their own special set of problems.   To clean rugs safely and effectively you need to have a good working knowledge of fibers, construction, cleaning principles and procedures  as well as rug identification and what to look for during the pre-cleaning inspection. This challenge is not an easy task but can provide a lifetime of fun, a sense of accomplishment, reward an satisfaction that comes with operating successful business   Fibers: Rugs can be made from natural and synthetic fibers. Natural rug fibers come from animal hair, such as wool; plants such as flax and the cocoon of the silk worm. Synthetic rug fibers are derived from chemical solutions that are formed into fiber.    

Our Cleaning process:

  Pre-Inspection:  color instability, delaminating of he secondary backing, wear, pre-existing damage etc. Dry-soil removal:  The rugs a then pre-vacuumed with hi power pile lifters or hi pressure air can be used  to dust off the rug Pre-treatment:  Apply special stain removals for stubborn stains Agitation:  Adding agitation to the cleaning process is essential for achieving good cleaning results. Rinsing:  Thorough rinse and removal of the shampoo and residue Pile Grooming: Restoring the pile after cleaning with specific for the rug grooming tools. Drying:  The rug is then dried in temperature and humidity controlled room. Final Inspection: To keep hi standards, before the rug is wrapped and prepared for delivery final inspection is performed.